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Niclas Franklin


Niclas is a safety consultant and boat enthusiast. As an entrepreneur, he immediately saw that an Agapi 950 could fill a gap in the charter market, and what's more, he gets to go boating himself during working hours. Boating and the sea have always been a great interest for Niclas, who was born and raised in Gothenburg. He has always been close to the water and his childhood summers were filled with swimming and fishing. For as long as he can remember, he has looked at boats of all kinds, especially "racing boats". - "Fast boats were always the most exciting," says Niclas. His first own boat was a Reloy, an early plastic boat built in Orust. He was 16 years old and struck when a friend was selling. - It was like a car but in the shape of a boat! Now he has a small steerage boat in the country, on an island near Koster in northern Bohuslän. His heart still beats a little extra here because this is where his family has its roots. But as the Gothenburg native he is, he loves the whole archipelago: "I want to show how beautiful it can be in the archipelago and at the same time offer a really fun boat trip. You can see in people's faces when they enjoy the experience and it gives so much back," says Niclas. He himself likes to go to Marstrand, a classic destination for boat lovers. - Marstrand really has it all - great restaurants, cool bars and cozy alleys. The summer season is wonderful with all the people and the crowds around the piers, says Niclas. Diving is another interest and then it is northern Bohuslän with the Koster Sea and Väderöarna that applies. There is incredibly clear water with many fish species, lobsters and exciting bottom formations. "If you like diving yourself, feel free to ask me," Niclas concludes with a smile.