57grader nord


on the floating sauna in Vrångö's harbour

relax, sauna and swim in the sea

A 3 hour tour which fits in really well both in early spring and late autumn, plus all the months in between. 

We depart from Långedrag or Klippan and steer the boat out towards the southern part of the archipelago. We swing past Brännö, Styrsö and Donsö and some of the other nice islands before settling at the guest harbour’s floating sauna at Vrångö. Here’s where you can really kick back and relax for 2 hours with some sauna and swimming fun before we take you back to Gothenburg. We provide drinks and snacks of course. You can extend your stay to include lunch or dinner, and there’s an adjoining conference room for meetings if you’d like to combine that too.

Price: 11 900 SEK including drinks on board

Number of people: up to 12 passengers